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AS Company is Ongoing since 2008. It has became the market leader in the field of telecommunication and electronics. It has 5 divisions: Software, Solution, Security, Strategy, Stationery.

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In AS company we strive to offer you state of the art business solutions and tailored products in the following areas. Telephony & Mobiles, Computers, Laptops & Tablets, Cameras, Office Stationery, Gaming Audio and Video. We have also dedicated a qualified team of experts to guide you with your purchases in store. Allocating a skilled customer-service department ready to assist you with your after-sales inquiries to guarantee customer satisfaction. On the other hand, the service center is managed by a team of trained experts ready to accommodate your requests and to assist you with your inquiries efficiently. Service Center: Managed by a team of trained experts, the service center offers support and maintenance. Including: Damaged computers and laptops, Broken screens, Charging glitches, VGA problems, Antivirus, Battery damage / Liquid damage, Audio difficulties, Blue Screens. Miscellaneous Services: In order to ease your life, we have brought to you Virgin Ticketing Box Office.

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