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AS Company is Ongoing since 2008. It has became the market leader in the field of telecommunication and electronics. It has 5 divisions: Software, Solution, Security, Strategy, Stationery.

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In the company we strive to offer you state of the art business solutions and tailored products in the following areas. Telephony & Mobiles, Computers, Laptops & Tablets, Cameras, Office Stationery, Gaming Audio and Video. We have also dedicated a qualified team of experts to guide you with your purchases in store. Allocating a skilled customer-service department ready to assist you with your after-sales inquiries to guarantee customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, the service center is managed by a team of trained experts ready to accommodate your requests and to assist you with your inquiries efficiently.

Service Center: Managed by a team of trained experts, the service center offers support and maintenance. Including: Damaged computers and laptops, Broken screens, Charging glitches, VGA problems, Antivirus, Battery damage / Liquid damage, Audio difficulties, Blue Screens.

Miscellaneous Services: In order to ease your life, we have brought to you Virgin Ticketing Box Office.

AS Company Mission & Vision

Vision: We are focused on cutting edge technologies and delivery of world class quality of IT & Telecom solutions, security systems and business stationery. Our vision is to modernize and redefine the industry while continuously improving the customer experience, to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

Mission: Our mission is to deliver a plethora of solutions to cover the needs of SMEs. Providing you with a well-equipped, efficient, and secure workplace at an affordable price, leading the way to stakeholders to focus on opportunities.

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